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PC-WB Westward Bound. 

Stories of pioneer days in Pennsylvania and on the raw prairie of southeastern Nebraska, by Melvin Heim and Mary Heim Bilsing. Includes research by Keith M. Heim into family genealogy in Möhringen and Walddorf in Germany in 1960-61. 200 pages. $20, plus $3 postage and handling.
PC-1 "Colony Cookin'" - New Penn Colony Cookbook 600 recipes and pictures...good gift anytime OR use in your kitchen...
Price $20.00

1 Country Blue, Enamel Coated Tin Cup 3" tall
Price $8.00

PC-2b Set of 4 Country Blue, Enamel Coated Tin Cup, 3" tall
Price $34.00
PC-3 Country Crock, 6 1/2" tall and 6" in diameter
Rung with two country blue stripes with Penn Dutch sayings.
Price $24.00
PC-4 Penn Colony Plate 6 1/2" Diameter, Full of Penn Dutch sayings.
Price $15.00
PC-6 "Folklore of a Pennsylvania Colony in Nebraska"
True stories and experiences of the group of Pennsylvanians' who settled near Dawson, Nebraska in the 1870's & 1880's
complied and edited by Elma Heim Larimore 1956
This popular book is in it's second printing. (144 pages)
Price $20.00
PC-7 "Blooming Grove"
A history of the congregation of German Dunkers who settled in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1805. (77 Pages)
Price $15.00

"The Story of My Life" by Dr. Ernst Max Adam
(Nov. 20, 1801 - Sept. 15, 1880)
A graduate in medicine of the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. He came to America and settled at Blooming Grove where he practiced for 40 years
Price $15.00


"The Dunkard Meeting House Pump Organ CD"
Presented by the Blooming Grove Historical Society of Pennsylcania. The CD presents Organist 'David Knauss'
featuring classical, wedding, christmas music and hymns.
Price $12.00

PC-10 Historical and Business Review Edition of the Dawson Nebraska Herald Newspaper  from 1883 to 1936.  Great historical account of the early history of the area.            Price $20.00 PostPaid

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