Timeless Treasures CD
Heritage Photos from the Pennsylvania Colony of Nebraska
Created by Jenny Leatherman Binder

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            Jenny Binder is a mother of two young children, Juliana and Clayton, and is married to Dustin.  She is the daughter of Gary and Becky Leatherman.  Jenny has made a contribution to the Pennsylvania Colony that will long be treasured.

            Jenny created a photo gallery on CD, for viewing on your computer, of the families who migrated from Pennsylvania to Nebraska in the late 1800s.  More than 200 photos are included in this collection.  She scanned photos from the Colony’s collection and from originals loaned to Jenny by individuals.  The photos are organized by family groups, so viewing is easily done.  Time periods covered by the photos range from 1870 to 2000.

            Jenny also included documentation on the CD.  She identified each picture, with names and any known details about the photo, as well as any information from the back of the photo.  The documentation sheets may be printed and referred to when viewing the photos on the CD – simply match the photo number with the same number on the documentation page.

            Jenny was able to do some restoration work on many of the photos.  Some photos needed major restoration work, in which case the original photo and a restored version are both included.
            The photos on the CD may be printed for personal use, either from your home computer or a retailer such as Walmart or Walgreens.  A copyright release is included with the CD.

            Jenny wishes to donate all proceeds from the sale of the CD to the Pennsylvania Colony.  Many, many hours have been put into this project by Jenny, and it has been a labor of love, reflecting her strong family ties.  This CD will truly be one your family will treasure.


Timeless Treasures CD

  • For viewing on your home computer
  • Over 200 photos, dating from 1870 to 2000
  • Photos are organized by family group for easy viewing
  • Documentation for each photo is provided, with identification and details
  • Restoration work on photos has been done when necessary
  • Photos may be printed on your home computer or at a retail outlet
  • Cost is only $18, or free with a $50 donation to the Pennsylvania Colony


Send your order information and payment to:
Pennsylvania Colony of Nebraska, 71329 638 Ave., Dawson, NE 68337


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