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Society opens special account.

A saving account for the deposit of moneys donated to the Historical Society for the purchase of the Henry Heim home at Dawson, Nebraska has been established. The account is at the State Bank of Table Rock, Humboldt Branch.

Please send all donations to: Daniel Pleiss, 14721 Laurel Plaza, Omaha Nebraska 68116. Donations of all sizes are being accepted. Receipts will be issued on request.


Remember Us When you do ...
Estate &Tax Planning 

The Society is an Internal Revenue Service qualified not- for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The official name of the Society is "The Pennsylvania Colony Historical Society of Nebraska". The Federal Identification Number is 31-1581702. If you wish to include the Society in your estate planning, any member of the Board or I would be pleased to discuss this matter with you.

Your contributions are tax deductible. If you wish, you can make a contribution at this time and/or pledge an amount payable over a period of time.


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Last updated 9/25/2010

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