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“Tis the Season to Check Old Time Recipes”
Bob Williamson

The following recipe was collected by Elma Heim Larimore.

She says, “trying to get a recipe for Grandma’s best loved cookies was a major project, for Grandma “used the judgment” method. If you tried to nail her down on some of the measurements she was cagey. A bowl of sour cream, a couple handful of flour, a pinch of salt, two “blubs” of molasses --- who could make cookies that way? Grandma could and they were delicious

“Grandma” was Mrs. Jacob G. Heim, but I rather think a lot of other “grandmas” made them too. This is the best we could do, though they rarely come out as good as hers. Is it us, the ingredients, the stone jar she kept them in, or our lack of “judgment”?

I cup of sorghum molasses, 

1 cup sour cream, 

1 cup brown sugar, 

3 heaping teaspoons lard, 

1 teaspoon soda (rounding), 

teaspoon nutmeg, 

about 3 cups flour. 

Drop from a spoon on greased pan, bake in a moderate oven till edges are brown and center springs back when touched lightly. When cooled store in a covered container. They were moist and sticky and good. A soft cookie which makes you smile and want more than one.

This recipe taken from the “Folklore” book of the Pennsylvania Colony of Nebraska. Great Christmas present and can be purchased from the Colony for $20.

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