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Last update 02/27/2015
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Recipe Name
Recipe of ... or submitted by ...
Pineapple Sheet Cake Recipe Bob Williamson
Grandma's Molasses Cookies Sophia Heim Ulmer
Country Garden Medley Shirley Williamson Haner
Pineapple Cheese Salad Dave and Shirley Haner
Easy and Healthy TreatBob Williamson
Buttermilk PancakesBob Williamson
Schnitz und Knepp (Middle Sized Dumplings) - Added March 2013Cecelia S. Ulmer 1924
Baked Custard - Added January 2013Carolee Heim
Check Old Time Recipes - Added November 2012Elma Heim Larimore
Too Much Time on my Hands - Added October 2012Bob Williamson. Museum Director
Apple Dapple Cake - Added September 2012Bob Williamson. Museum Director
Holiday Magic - Added August 2012Bob Williamson. Museum Director
Grandmas Molasses Cookies - Added July 2012Sophia Heim Ulmer - Feature Recipe July 2012
Barbecue Green Beans - Added April 2012Feature Recipe April 2012
Pennsylvania Colony Fruit Rocks Cookies - Added February 2012Feature Recipe February 2012
"Sour Cream Sugar Cookies" - Added January 2012Feature Recipe January 2012
"Fall Recipes" - Added January 2011 Feature Recipe January 2011
"Pennsylvania Dutch Crumb Cake" - Added November 2010 Feature Recipe November 2011
"Four Layer Dessert" - Added September 2010 Feature Recipe September 2010
"Zucchini Casserole" - Added August 2010 Feature Recipe August 2010
"Rosemary's Old Settler Beans" - Added July 2010 Feature Recipe May 2010
“Special Dishes” - Added March,  2010  
“Pineapple Meat Loaf” - Added March,  2010 Charol Pleiss
“Homemaker of the Week” - Added January, 2010 Feature Recipe November  2009
Pennsylvania Cookies Feature Recipe - May, 2009
Angel Delight Salad Quick and easy salad for church and funeral dinners....always a popular dish.  Seldom bring any home.   Makes a large salad...was orginally submited by Doris Wuster, widow of Wallace Wuster.
Rhubarb Crunch May 2009 Feature Recipe
Pineapple Fluff Made by Erma Ulmer Williamson and her sister Mildred Ulmer Thacker for many a family gathering!
Broiled Tomato Halves  
Corn Fritters  
Creamed Dried Beef with Biscuits  
Grumbere Pfannkucken Or also called Kartoffelpfannkuchen, Kartoffelpuffer or Kartoffel Reibeplaezchen (potato pancakes to you) (German recipe written by Adah Heim James)
Schweden Knophle (knophle meaning a large dumpling)
by Arlene Masonbrink
Rivels (Lumpy Soup) by Arlene Masonbrink
Easy Fall Relish submitted by Bob and Phyllis Williamson
Aunt Gert's Lebkuchen submitted by Bob and Phyllis Williamson
Dark Pennsylvania Colony
Christmas Cookies
(pepper nuts)
by Mrs. Norman (Pearl) Ulmer
Out of this World Pie Recipe of Marie Heim Fiala
M and M Cookies (from Cindy Williamson Callaway, great granddaughter of Sophia Heim Ulmer)

Grandpa Ron Heim's Cheese Cake

(submitted by daughter-in-law Jackie)

Coconut Macaroons

(by Robert Williamson) Cookies mmmmm...... so good.

Rhubarb Dessert by Mrs. Shirley Williamson Haner
Blueberry Banana Salad by Mrs. Violet Heim
Fruit Strip by Mrs. Shirley Williamson Haner
Grandma's Molasses Cookies in memory of Erma Ulmer Williamson,
by her son Bob Williamson
Chocolate Chip Cookies By Grandma Mildred Ulmer Thacker's
taken to 2003 colony picnic by Marilyn Thacker Ogle
Halloween Cracker Jack Old Penn Colony recipe
submitted by Bob and Phyllis Williamson
Black Walnut Cookies (from a Penn Dutch Cookbook purchased by Capt. Keith M. Heim, Fort Dix, New Jersey dated September 4, 1963)
Butterscotch Candy Mrs. Delores Ulmer Chapman Arcadia, California
Gobbler Cobbler Recipe Endorsed For: Mrs Lloyd A. Epley; 802 Ninth Avenue Coralville, Iowa City, Iowa. By Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen
German Chocolate Upside Down Cake Mrs. Paul (Norma) Ulmer
Tittusville, Fl.
Pearl Ulmer's Apple Sauce Cake Submitted by Rodney Wuster
Creamy Strawberry Squares

by Shirley Williamson Haner

German Red Cabbage by Phyllis Williamson

Fast Fruit Salsa

by Susan Williamson Latusek
Summer Apple Sauce Cake submitted by Bob Williamson

Lemon Meringue Pie

in memory of Marie Heim Fiala

Huckleberry Cake submitted by Howard and Sharon Leederman
Thanksgiving Apple-Raisin Cake A Thanksgiving Favorite
The flavor of the apple-raisin cake is sure to evoke nostalgia
Cherry Scotch Fudge by: Shirley Williamson Haner
Bread Puddings 2 recipes (Winter recipes that warm a cold body)
Dutch Ginger Snaps Cookies submitted by Bob Williamson
Granny's Granola by: Mrs. Peggy Ulmer, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
Ham upside-down Casserole submitted by Bob Williamson
Waffles submitted by Bob Williamson
Hash submitted by Bob Williamson
BBQ Meatballs By Michelle (Mrs. Joe) Heim
Lemon Spinach Salad by Phyllis Williamson; great to take to an outdoor picnic in summer
Wally's Rhubarb Pudding by Staci Wuster Griel, winning dessert at the 2005 Penn colony picnic
Apfel-Nuss Kuchen Apple Nut Cake
by Keith Heim, taken to the '05 Annual Colony Picnic Dessert Bar)
Christmas Orange Balls By Phyllis Williamson
Applesauce Cookies By Mrs. Mary E. Wuster
Bing Cherry Salad By Mrs.Viva Heim
Baked Cabbage Viola D. Heim
Meat Loaf

by Mrs. Melvin (Fannie) Heim
Grandpa Heim's favorite


Mrs. John (Emilie) Kirkwood
Ohio Heim relative

Baked Tuna Mrs. Erma Ulmer Williamson
Chicken Main Dish Casserole Recipe By Bob Williamson
Blueberry Pie By Bob Williamson
Cream De Mint Cake Submitted by Shirley Williamson Haner
Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers  
Old Dutch Molasses Cakes submitted by Bob Williamson
Christmas Fruit Cake Cookies by Doris Wuster
Aunt Martha’s Date Nut Krim-Krams by Kieth Heim
Rainbow Salad &
Grandma's Donuts
submitted by Bob Williamson
German Carmel Cake
and Scrapple
submitted by Bob Williamson
Dandelion Salad By Adah Heim James
Blitz Kucha, Ephrata Excerpted from "The English Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary
Apple-Strawberry-lettuce/spinach Salad submitted by Bob Williamson
Chocolate Turtle Cake

by Debbie Leatherman;
Taken to the Penn Colony Picnic 2007

Great Fall Recipes submitted by Bob Williamson
Submit your recipe to be listed here next.  

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