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Some Special Dishes from the Pennsylvania Colony Kitchens of the Middle 1800's

Bob Williamson

Feature Recipe March 2010


Fried Corn

  Take 6 juicy ears of corn and shave it off the cob; heat a lump of butter the size of a small egg when hot put the corn in and fry not too hard; when done, add salt and pepper, break 3 eggs over th ecorn, and scramble.


Cucumbers fried in batter

   Pare 2 or 3 large cucumbers, cut them in slices inch thick, sprinkle with pepper and salt, press with a light weight for an hour or two, drain on a napkin; dip each slice in beaten egg, then in cracker dust, and fry in butter until a light brown.



Fried Cabbage

   Cut the cabbage fine, salt and pepper to taste, work until juicy, then put into hot grease to fry; stir often to prevent browning, and when done add a little sweet cream.  Put no water about the cabbage, as it destroys the sweetness.


Baled Bananas

   Allow 1 level tablespoon full of sugar, 1 teaspoon full of melted butter, a few grains of salt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons full of water to each banana.  Bake till the fruit is red and the syrup thick.


Fried Apples

   Use rather tart apples.  Do not pare but cut them in halves and core.  Place in a frying pan open side up; then season with sugar to taste, a little salt, flour, ground cinnamon, and a dash of pepper.  The pour on a little water, cover the pan and let them cook soft and dry after which remove the lid and brown nicely.


Turnip Slaw

   Slice the turnips on a slaw cutter, cook in salt water until very tender; then pour off water and make a dressing of vinegar, sugar, sour cream and a little flour.  Serve hot.


Fried Green Tomatoes

   Take nice, green tomatoes, slice very thin, roll in flour and fry in butter and lard until nicely browned on both sides.   Sprinkle with salt and pepper while frying.  Serve while hot.


Baked Red Beets

   After you have washed the beets, place them in a baking pan with a  little water. Cover them and as soon as soft pickle them the usual way.  They are delicious.


Corn Fritters

   Take 12 ears of sweet corn, score through the center of each row, press out the pulp with a fork, add 3 well-beaten eggs. 1 cup of milk, 1 teaspoonful of salt a little pepper, 1 teaspoonful baking powder, and flour to make a batter not too stiff; fry in deep hot lard; serve hot.


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