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Bob Williamson

Love to take a day’s drive in any direction and do
some “snooping” in ole buildings which house antiques.

Not much into furniture, but things like old cookbooks
catch my eye and I usually find me a chair and sit for
a while going through the pile. One such day the wife
and I ventured over to Mound City, Missouri and found
a couple places to enjoy.

It was there I found this old tattered book published
by Casey and Timm Funeral Home in Auburn, Nebraska.

The phone was 93 in Auburn and 101 in Stella, so you
can venture a guess of the date. In those days the
funeral home even offered the thoughtful service
of “ambulance service.”

Recipes submitted were from pioneer ladies by the
names of: Mrs. Eleanore McMullen, Cora Helmick, Mrs.
Mazy Mason, Mrs. H. W. Schulz, Mrs. Elvin McQueen,
Mrs. John Chism, Mrs. Emma Higgins, etc.

Found me a recipe I think I will give a try. “Meat
Loaf” submitted by Mrs. L.M. Van Deventer. The recipe

2 lbs. pork sausage (ground)

2 lbs. hamburger

4 eggs

3 cup cracker crumbs or bread crumbs

Salt and pepper

1 pint canned tomatoes

Mix together ingredients, add milk to make a soft roll.
Put in pan and cover with bacon strips. Pour over loaf
2 cups of milk with tomatoes and bake 2 hours. Add
onion if desired.

Wife says sounds greasy but what the heck, never
used to worry about fatty acids, grease, and such.
Bettcha it filled your tummy and kept you warm while
sawing wood for the furnace in the winter or scooping

Bon Appetit


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