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February 2002 Feature Story

Kills Wolf
(from the Dawson Herald in the 30's)

When Milton Wuster got up Saturday morning he was thinking seriously about getting married. But one thing troubled him. He had heard so much the past year or two about "the wolf at the door" that he was doubtful whether or not it was a good idea to take chances. But while thinking it over he decided to look over some traps he had set back in the field and also to take along a .22 rifle and see if a rabbit might show up for a stew for the family dinner. Crossing the field he spied a jack rabbit, which all of a sudden showed a desire to leave the place where he was. Taking a second look before shooting, Milton spied a coyote hard on the trail of the rabbit and as a coyote scalps are worth more than rabbits, he pulled down on the former, landing a .22 short just behind the coyote's front legs. The animal toppled over but got up immediately and, spying Milton, who had looked around a fodder shock to shoot, it came right at him. In the excitement of shooting his first wolf, Milton got tangled in the fodder and dropped his rifle, but when the wolf tackled him, he grabbed it by the throat and finally choked it to death, the effects of the shot having weakened it considerably. Proudly he brought it to town and later took it to Falls City to collect the bounty and dispose of the pelt, which was in prime condition.

And, "the wolf at the door" having been satisfactorily disposed of, Milton bought a marriage license and was married Monday to Miss Irene Schneidewind, of Auburn.


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