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Delivering Corn To Market Was A Real Job in 1866

R. R. Draper
Living in the Front Room Bob Williamson
I RememberLoyd Epley
German Blood Runs DeepBob Williamson
The Big Farm BellElma Heim Larimore
Nostalgia in a BoxKieth M. Heim
Memorial of the FarmFrances Heim Whited
Penn Colony Meets for 90 Years in 2011Bob Williamson
Thanksgiving and Christmas    Added Novemer 2012Bob Williamson
Humor in History    Added October 2012Bob Williamson
Just Suppose..... Added September 2012Bob Williamson from the Dawson Herald
Printing Office Added August 2012Bob Williamson
2012 Family Picnic Added July 2012Bob Williamson
Religious Education in Early Dawson History Added March 2012 Bob Williamson
Word from Home in Pennsylvania Added March 2012 Bob Williamson
1890 Fire Nearly Destroys Dawson's Business Section Added February 2012 Bob Williamson
Country Ladies Kensington  Added February 2012 Bob Williamson
Growing Up in Nebraska - Added February 2012 Tone Heim McArtor - Feature Story January 2012
Easy Double Treat Cookies for Fall - Added January 2012 Feature Story December 2011
Raccoon Hunt - Added December 2011 Bob Williamson
Coming Home - Added December, 2010 Memorial Moment - Coming Home  - Mrs. Marilyn Thacker Ogle
Dad and Mother Ulmer - Added November, 2010 Mrs. Delores Ulmer Chapman - Feature Story, September, 2010
Autographing the Farm - Added September, 2010 John Heim - Feature Story, September, 2010
Elma Heim Griffith Memorial Pages - Added July, 2010 Bob Williamson
Early Day Heim Orchard - Added May, 2010 Lloyd Heim
Remembrance of Reuben and True Ulmer  granddaughter, Kristi Leatherman Hall
Early Roads were Trails - Added 3/28/10 Bob Williamson
Johnnie Heim and wife Margaret (Heim) Heim - Added 1/26/10 Feature Story November 2009
135th Anniversary Celebration - Added 11/16/09 Feature Story May 2009
Autographic Account of the Colony - Added 8/7/09 This is a scholarly treatment of the evolution of the Pennsylvania Colony by Thomas W. Martin
The Biggest Land Sale Ever - Added 3/21/09 This Discusses a land sale from the 1909 Newspaper, of the W.G. Hummell farm
Dr. Harlan and Golda Heim  
Miles Ranch - Added 3/4/2009  This account of the Miles Ranch was written by  Mrs. Elma Heim Griffiths in 1976 for the Dawson Bicentennial.

Kills Wolf

from the Dawson Herald in the 30's
Sippleys Came to Dawson in ‘79 This letter was written by John Sippley of Bucyrus, Ohio, on March 3, 1879.
Grandma's Secret written by Evelyn Heim Dallmann
The Big Farm Bell

Written by Elma Heim Larimore
For her book entitled "Folklore" of the Pennsylvania Colony of Nebraska

Remembrance of Rueben and True Ulmer by granddaughter, Kristi Leatherman Hall

Historic Walk from Church to Cemetery

(cemetery story) Beneath the aged pine trees, just east of the old silver fence, blanketed by several years of pine needles, lies a once proud hand poured sidewalk...

Sidewalk from Dawson to Heim Cemetery By Bob Williamson, Sexton (cemetery story)
Storie, pictures and records of donors that sponsored squares of the walk.

Pioneers' Standards are Kept

Dawson German Unit Loses Last Original Member
…By Anne Rush Riley …Published February 18, 1951 Lincoln Journal Star

We Don't Do This Much Anymore …by Bob Williamson
Among the things handed down through the family is an autograph book ....

Dr. Harlan and Golda Heim

…by Bob Williamson
Dr. Harlan S. Heim was a dedicated physician and served ...

Christmas in old Blooming Grove

Written by Susan H. Little, and read at the Christmas Meeting of Lycoming County Historical Society, Dec. 19. 1940

Where is the little boy sipping from the sweet spring?

…by Kent Knudsen
Kent is the grandson of Lloyd Heim and son of Charol Heim Pleiss

The Sweet Spring Still Flows Reprinted from the Omaha World Herald, Magazine of the Midlands, Sept. 15, 1974. Photos and story by Harold Cowan
One Hundred Years of Heims…
Coming to Nebraska

from a diary kept by Rosina Heim

Further History of the Penn Colony of Nebraska Written by Elma Heim Griffiths in 1955.
Who are the "Pennsylvania Dutch"

by Don Yoder, Ph D., Dept of Religious Thoughts, University of Pennsylvania

"It's Kraut Time" by Bob Williamson
A Visit with Mother written by Robert H. Weber of Tusla, Ok. For the "Home Life" a family Christian Magazine
Ode to Family Reunions from Mrs. Lois Dappen Hinkly
Cider Making

by Mrs. Israel …Gertrude…Heim

True Stratton and Rueben Ulmer
Wedding Day, June 16, 1915
written by their oldest daughter, Evelyn Ulmer, upon the observance of the couples 50th wedding anniversary, June 16, 1965

Tales of Happy Childhood

Written by Jessie Heim Deweese of Dawson (Mother of new board member Martha Hoig)
Opera Cream Candy concert pianists cook? Ernest Ulmer did and here is his seasonal recipe

The Heim Family

The Heims were a family of weavers; they were among the most zealous and devout... "Story taken from book "Blooming grove"
50th wedding anniversary of Rueben and True Ulmer Lovingly written by their daughter Evelyn Ulmer
Candle Making Written by Elma Heim Griffiths
Rememberances of Life in the Dawson, Nebraska Area As told by Kenneth Heim in his Autobiography, 3/07/2000
Hops Still Growing After 120 Years by Bob Williamson
Dawson United Methodist Church Taken from annual conference records. by H. A. Shwab
Pioneer Citizen Observes Anniversary The sixty-sixth birthday of Israel Ulmer was quietly celebrated ....
It Pays to Keep Accurate Records This article about the egg laying business of Wesley Heim ...
The Story of my Life Dr. Ernst Max Adam (Nov.20, 1801 - Sept. 15, 1880)
A Tribute to Jacob S. Heim from the "Folklore" book.
It may be purchased by going to the "for sale" page
Good Gifts Come In Strange Containers Dr. Keith Heim
Woman's' Work Is Never Done Elma Griffith wrote for Dawson Bicentennial History News
A Tribute to "Aunt Rosa" By Anne Rush Riley, Dawson, Nebraska
The Depression Years By - Keith M. Heim
Early Roads were trails! written by Elma Heim Griffith in 1976 for the Dawson Bicentennial Celebration
Spring Planting on Jacob Heim Farm 1875 from the book "Westward Bound"
Shooting Marbles written by Mike Cummings in his book of "Remembers"
Permanent Colonists history of the German Dunkers who settled in Lycoming County
The Blooming Grove Colony The colony of 1804 comprised the following ...
Grandfather's Bee Story About eight or ten hives kept the family supplied
Delivering Corn To Market Was A Real Job in 1866 from the Dawson Herald Newspaper
Christmas was a very exciting time Written by Kenneth Heim in his autobiography
More Westward Bound by Mary Heim Bilsing
Spinning and Weaving written in 1942 by Elma Heim Griffiths
Dawson's First Telephone submitted by Bob Williamson
Barns, soon a thing of the past! Bob Williamson
From Prairie to Civilization Bob Williamson
Butchering and Fresh Water Arthur W. Heim, Dawson, Nebraska
Pennsylvania - Dutch Culture

excerpted from the English Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary, Culinary Arts Press,  Reading, Pa. 1965

Story of a real Emergency! as told to Elma Heim Griffiths by the participants
The "Barn Raising" By Arthur W. Heim grandson of Jacob G. Heim and ...
Butchering and Soap Making written for the Folklore book by Mrs. Isreal L. ..Gertrude.. Heim of Lincoln, Nebraska
Quilting Parties by Susan Heim Little, Williamsport, Pa
A Man Named Good Mike Cummings
Sunday Morning Memorial Moment

By Donna Heim Epley

Pennsylvania Textiles and Needlework submitted by Bob Williamson
The John J. Heim Family written by the late Elma Heim Griffiths
The Dawson Herald Newspaper submitted by Bob Williamson
Homespun Pleasures By Elma Heim Griffiths, in 1955 for the book
Eating Out in the 50’s and 60’s submitted by Bob Williamson
Sippleys Came to Dawson in ‘79 letter was written by John Sippley of Bucyrus, Ohio
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