Early Years in the Colony

 1870 Group of Pennsylvanians, Most migrated to Nebraska starting the Pennsylvania Colony of Dawson, Nebraska;  Back:  Elizabeth (Gross) Heim, Mary (Heim) & Jake Ulmer, John J. & Rosina (Heim) Heim, Margaret Heim, and Catherine Ulmer; Front:  Regina (Gross) & Jacob G. Heim, Mr & Mrs. John Sippley, and Johnny Heim.   Additional Historical Information:  “Between 1874 and 1887, 13 families and three individuals of German (Pennsylvania Dutch) descent from the Williamsport, Pennsylvania vicinity, who were related to each other, migrated to the Dawson, Nebraska area where they formed what is called the “Pennsylvania Colony in Nebraska.” Those families included the Jacob G. Heim family (1874), John Gross and the John Sippley family (1879), the Frederick Marquardt family (1879), the Christian Wuster and David Wagner families, (1880), the John “Johnnie” Heim family and Emanuel Ulmer (1881), the John J. Heim family (1882), Henry W. Heim (1883), the John Kerr and Catherine Ulmer (widow of Martin) families (1884), the John Eckard family (1885), the William Stoltz family (1886), and Ella, Emma, and George Eckard (1887).”