Heim Cemetery History Sidewalk

Heim Cemetery History

Sidewalk from town of Dawson, Nebraska to the Heim Cemetery
By Bob Williamson, Sexton

The first sidewalk square in the historical walk from the village of
Dawson, Nebraska to the Heim Cemetery.
Mrs. Marie Clark, life long resident of the Dawson community and daughter of Auxiliary President.
Mrs. Marie Clark and Mr. Henry A. Georgi, retired post master of Dawson, and a Pennsylvania colony member, discuss the old hand poured sidewalk from the village to the Heim cemetery seen over the hill in the background. Both are since deceased and are resting peacefully in the cemetery to the north.
There are 192 sidewalk squares in the walk from the town of Dawson, Nebraska to the Heim Cemetery.  They were purchased for $1.00 per square.  The squares were hand mixed and poured in 1914.  At that time the Heim Cemetery Ladies Auxiliary supported the cemetery with many fund raising drives.  After a memorial service, the procession of mourners walked from the Evangelical Church in town, north to the cemetery.  Pallbearers and flower attendants carried the heavy casket and flowers, over the eighth of a mile path.

   When needed they would take a rest, placing the casket upon a pair of sawhorses, which are still in the furnace room of the church today. The community gladly accepted the auxiliary’s idea that a nice cement sidewalk could be built.  Bob Williamson, current Sexton, did the following research.  Many of the squares have cracked with time, and a few of the donor’s names are unable to be read.  However, the walk is in general good repair thanks to the Dawson DCIP Organization, which took upon the task to clean away the grass and dirt that had buried parts of the walk through the years.  It is hoped that some repairs can be made and the sidewalk can be returned to the 1914 grandeur!
   Following are the donor’s names as they appear on the sidewalk to this day…106 years later.
1. IOOF Lodge No. 337
2. E. C. Hill Sr.
3. ADUW No. 201
4. ?
5. D. F. Harbough
6. D. F. Harbough
7. Ira L. Draper
8. Ira L. Draper
9. W. B. Alexander
10.  Thomas Wilkinson
11.  Thomas Wilkinson
12.  Smith Buser Co.
13.  Smith Buser Co.
14.  Smith Buser Co.
15.  Smith Buser Co.
16.  Kinsey & Son
17.  S. J. Ulmer
18.  John Young
19.  J. H. Bradley
20.  M. J. Byrne
21.  Dan J. Riley
22.  Dawson Bank
23.  C.M. Cooper
24.  E.A. Kemist
25.  E. A. Kemist
26.  ?
27.  ?
28.  Minnie Rutz
29.  E. N. Steininger
30.  M. V. Riley
31.  J. J. Klina
32.  Max Georgi
33.  S. P. Wagner
34.  George Smith
35.  John J. Heim
36.  W. J. Quinlan
37.  Price Walker
38.  I. L. Heim
39.  O. H. McGinnis
40.  N. M. Ulmer
41.  L. P. Ekard
42.  Frank Hummel
43.  M. D. Ulmer
44.  Leo Hock
45.  W. A. Albright
46.  Fred Lehnherr
47.  Charles Shultz
48.  George Funk
49.  F. P. Page
50.  C. W. Sipe
51.  Lee Roy Judd
52.  C. H. McGinnis
53.  Walter Ulmer
54.  Sarah E. Ulmer
55.  Israel Ulmer
56.  Joseph G. Heim
57.  H. W. Heim
58.  W. I. ?
59.  ? I. Draper
60.  E. Ulmer
61.  W. S. Bourne
62.  Charles Wuster
63.  ?
64.  Joseph Ogle
65.  John Ogle
66.  S. B. Lee
67.  Bethany U. B. Church
68.  Mrs. A.W. Walker
69.  R. W. Fouts
70.  W. F. Stoltz
71.  W. F. Stoltz
72.  A. H. Utermohlen
73.  N. B. Judd
74.  Chris Wuster
75.  Thomas Wuster
76.  F. R. Porter
77.  J. W. Clark
78.  Dave Mountain
79.  Jacob Ulmer
80.  J. R. Miles
81.  W. B. Miles
82.  Ellis Newsom
83.  ?
84.  Mrs. M. L. Libbee
85.  George Stiles
86.  T. P. Cummins
87.  John T. Draper
88.  J. T. Waggener
89.  ?
90.  Mrs. Edith ?
91.  Mrs. H. J. Shiers
92.  J. S. Heim
93.  J. A. Heim
94.  J. W. Heim
95.  S. F. Heim
96.  N. N. Hill
97.  Curtis J. Hill
98.  Guy Snethen
99.  Jacob Auch
100. Jacob Auch
101. ?
102. Frank Bernhardt
103. Owen Bradley
104. Anderson Triggs
105. J. W. Eckard
106. Mrs. A. H. Utermohlen
107. Mrs. G. C. Boyle
108. F. M. DeWeese
109. E. T. Libbee
110. Mrs. O. E. Bachman
111. –   177 Blank
178. R. L. Peerson
179. John Butler
180. O. O. Ayers
181. O. W. Burr
182. E. W. Buser
183. W. M. S.
184. Ladies Auxiliary of Heim Cemetery
185. D of H No. 29
186. W.C.T.U.
187. M.W. of A. No. 7836
188. M. W. of A. No. 7836
189. K & L of S  No. 197
190. A. O. U. W. No. 201
191. I. O. O. F. Lodge 337
192. (closest square to the town of Dawson has the signatures of the supporting organization’s officers in 1914.
Mrs. A. H. Utermohlen, President
Mrs. G. C. Boyle, 1st. Vice President
Carrie Harbough, 2nd Vice President
Mrs. F. P. Page
Minnie Rutz
Mrs. George Smith
June 1914