SCHNITZ UN KNEPP (middle size dumplings)
Cecelia S. Ulmer 1924 (recipe in her handwriting fell out of a
book her family donated to the museum)
1 qt. dried apples soaked overnight in water to cover or more than cover. 
In morning cook about a 3lb. chunk of ham. 
Cook slowly 3 or 4 hours. Then add the apples and water. Boil over very slow fire
another hour. Add 2 tablespoon brown sugar. 
During boiling period

prepare the Knepp as follows. Mix 2 cups sifted flour with 1 teaspoon
salt, 4 tablespoons melted butter. Add enough rich milk to make
a very thick batter. Thick enough to leave a spoon standing easily.
With a teaspoon put knepp 1 spoon at a time with ham. Cover tightly
and cook 15 minutes without lifting cover. Place ham in center of
deep platter, around place schnitz and knepp.

Grandma E. Ulmer used to use cornmeal mush and fry it on both
sides. Then we would put the shnitz over it as we wanted.
This is a Penn. Dutch recipe from a long time ago.