Sippleys Came to Dawson in ‘79

Feature Story October 2007
Sippleys Came to Dawson in ‘79
The following letter was written by John Sippley of Bucyrus, Ohio, on March 3, 1879.
  “Jacob Heim Esq. Dawson Mills,
Dear Sir:  I ship my goods today consigned to you.  Enclosed find bill of lading.  Please unload them soon as they arrive and be careful to keep boxes the same side up they are in the car.  We will leave here next Tuesday, March 18, and will arrive Thursday or Friday.  Yours truly, John Sippley.”

   Among some old papers Mrs. Henry Sippley found the above letter written by Mr. Sippley’s father when they were preparing to come to Dawson.  The family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Sippley and their four children.  Mrs. Mollie Fessler, Henry and Andrew Sippley, and Ella Sippley Georgi, and Mrs. Sippley’s mother, Mrs. Gross.  They settled on the farm that was tenanted by Pat P. O’Grady.

   Mrs. Sippley died March 1, 1899, and Mr. Sippley in August 1903, only two of the children are now living, Mrs. Mollie Fessler of Pawnee City, and Andrew Sippley of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Henry Sippley who was married to Belle Bodle died a few years ago.  Mrs. Sippley continues to live at their home in Dawson.  Their only child, William A. Sippley, lives in Pasadena, California.

   Ella Sippley was married to Max Georgi, and her death occurred in August 1935.  There are two sons, Henry and Andrew Georgi, both of Dawson.

(up date notes:  Henry married Bernice Iliff and was the post master of Dawson post office for years.  They are both are buried in the Heim Cemetery at Dawson.  They had two sons:  Lynn of Fairbury, Nebraska and Gary of California.  Andrew moved to California and raised his family there.)

The following information was taken from the Historical and Business Review Edition of the Dawson Herald printed in 1936.  This special printing has been reprinted in 2007 by the Pennsylvania Colony Historical Society of Nebraska and can be purchased for $20 on the for sale page of this web site.