We Don’t Do This Much Anymore

“We Don’t Do This Much Anymore”
…by Bob Williamson
Among the things handed down through the family is an autograph book in perfect condition, given to Rebecca Heim, by Sarah A. Heim in Pennsylvania 12/13/1883. The booklet is currently in the possession of Arlene Coons Masonbrink. It is a wonderful reminder to us that there were clever personalities in our ancestry who could write with wit and humor. The following are some of the entries in this book, most written before she came to Nebraska with her parents, brothers, and sisters to begin the Nebraska Pennsylvania Colony.”Love all, trust few,
And paddle your own canoe.”
Your uncle, C.O. Heim
Warrensville, Pa.

“I’ve looked these pages ore and ore,
To see what others wrote before,
And in this only spot, I’ll write.
Your cousin,
Henry W. Heim

“When you are old and can not see,
Put on your specks and think of me!”
“Remember me when you reach far
Away Nebraska.”
Your friend,
Susie Heim, Pa.

“Remember me when far away and
only half awake,
Remember me on your wedding day
And send a slice of cake.”
Joseph Weinman, Pa

“When rocks and hills divide us,
And you no more I see.
Just take your pen and paper,
And write a line to me.”
Isaac Heim, Pa.

“Some write for pleasure,
Some write for fame.
But I write simply
To sign my name.
Your cousin,
Maggie Heim

“When in some far distant land,
Read this the writing of my hand,
Although my face you cannot see,
Look at this and think of me.”
Frank Mosteller,
Montoursville, Pa.

“Rebecca is your name,
Single is your station.
Happy be the little man,
That makes the alternation.”
J.R. Waltz
Williamsport, Pa.

“When you grow old and ugly,
As old folks always do.
Remember that you have a sister,
That’s old and ugly too.”
Your Sister,
Sophia Heim, May 3, 1886

Miss Rebecca,
“A little word in kindness spoken,
A motion or a tear,
Has often healed the heart that’s broken,
And made a friend sincere.”
Your friend,
Martin D. Ulmer, 1886

This lovely little booklet is in good condition and no doubt was read often as the Jacob G. Heim family left their loved ones and made their way to Nebraska. They arrived in Richardson County in 1874 and bought a piece of land north of Dawson. The words in this book help to uphold the weary traveler on this journey and through many of life’s journeys. Why? I don’t know…. but we just don’t do this much anymore!